Real-Time Digital Audit

Our Real-Time Digital Audit enables advertisers to identify value, eliminate waste, and increase efficiency through near real-time programmatic monitoring based on source data from all major ad tech and mar tech platforms.

Client Challenges

In the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, measuring, managing, and evaluating digital media performance becomes increasingly challenging due to its overwhelming complexity and constant disruption. This fast-paced digital landscape necessitates an always-on optimization strategy, relying on independent and reliable sources.

Analytics and Optimisation

Our client teams discover actionable and valuable insights in real-time, identifying supply chain opportunities and campaign actions that fuel further performance growth.

Media Suite fuses advertisers' all valuable data sources (DSP, SSP, 3PAV’s, AdServer, etc.) to all relevant technology and data sources - no pixels or complex integrations required.

Technology frees up precious talent by eliminating repetitive tasks, enabling them to concentrate on operational transformation and upstream functions like planning and innovation.

Real-Time Digital Monitoring allows for intelligent, evidence-based decision-making that improves goal achievement.

Easy, customisable Analytics, Optimisation and Automation Technology

Real-Time Digital Audit

Real-Time Digital Audit Deliverables

Our technology and service solutions deliver actionable insights for advertisers and their agency partners, fostering greater transparency and trust in your programmatic supply chain and enhancing KPIs across the board.

  • Real-Time visibility and control over programmatic buying activities
  • Ability to take decisive action with programmatic investments promptly
  • Global governance across all deals, whether direct or through agencies
  • Simple and easy actions for greater effectiveness

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