Media Investment Management

Media auditing has never been more important and at the same time more difficult to get right. In today's dynamic media landscape, traditional models fall short, leaving advertisers uncertain. Advise Media Consulting empowers advertisers, ensuring accountable and optimized media spending for maximum returns. We pinpoint inefficiencies, redirecting resources for brand growth, and provide ongoing improvement strategies.

What type of media audit is right for your brand?

There are three primary types of audits within the advertising industry, although occasional variations may also be present:

Productivity / Savings Tracking: Do your agencies fulfill the agreed objectives or guaranteed prices in the pitch? Are reach, viewability targets, and target group fit in line with the definitions set in the master or local service agreements? Our category-defining tool enhances monthly productivity tracking by encompassing digital and traditional channels, providing tailored solutions for precise tracking, data analysis, and actionable insights. Identify any shortfalls throughout the year to rectify deviations before year-end.

Performance Media Audit: Is media efficiency an area where you lack clarity and objectivity? Are you uncertain about the competitiveness of your pricing and whether a persistent drive for lower prices has impacted your quality? These questions and more will be answered with a robust media performance audit executed by local subject matter experts who have media trading experience and deep domain knowledge.

Contract Compliance (Financial) Audit: How does your agency ensure transparency in investment management and demonstrate accountability for the marketing budget? How can I ensure financial and operational transparency in my agency relationship? Our Financial Audit Partner provides expert-led recommendations to optimize your agency relationships based on the audit’s findings. These recommendations range from improving financial returns to providing actionable insights that shape ongoing agency relationships, carrying significant potential for lifetime value beyond the audit itself.

What about Digital Media Auditing?

Measuring, managing, and evaluating digital media performance has become increasingly challenging due to the overwhelming complexity and constant disruption in the digital ecosystem, making conventional, 'one-size-fits-all' media auditing frameworks ineffective. Our Digital Audit Program allows advertisers comprehensive insights into biddable planning and buying, media spends, fees, and performance.

The Digital Governance Audit provides recommendations for improvements in various areas including processes, value chain, effectiveness, strategy, agency talent, and tech setup.

The Digital Campaign Monitoring provides visibility and transparency into all aspects of your media buying – the what, the why, the how, and the where. Our proprietary platform, Media Suite, stands as the collaboration's core, furnishing automated monthly data updates and dashboards featuring subject matter expert recommendations for enhancements.

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Are you getting the best possible value from your media spending?


Our innovative Media Suite platform offers scalable solutions, ensuring a uniform approach across diverse markets, channels, and objectives. The Advise Media Suite provides accountability through continuous tracking and evidence-based analyses, swiftly identifying value and minimizing wastage with real-time visualization on a user-friendly dashboard. All analyses are based on customizable methodologies and consider market specifics and client requirements.

Our local teams support clients both in interpreting improvement potentials and implementing identified actions with agencies.

In recent years, our Media Investment Services have significantly contributed to enhancing the value of media investments for brands such as Kaufland, Nikon, Lidl, Abbott, and others, ultimately impacting their business growth.

„The Advise Media Suite facilitates an International Productivity Tracking and Dashboard Reporting for digital and traditional media. This enables us to monitor all relevant paid, owned, and shared KPIs and promptly respond to any deviations from the set targets throughout the year."

Michael Lüttgen, Managing Director Kaufland International

Media Investment Management Deliverables

Having a comprehensive view of the global media ecosystem – across all major markets and all media channels – we see common issues, pitfalls, and areas of waste every day. This is how we help advertisers set the right guidelines and rules for what media they buy and how they buy it, no matter the sector, market, or channel.

  • Visibility and Control over your media buying activities
  • Benchmarking media investments against a range of metrics
  • Customized KPIs that evolve alongside your brand’s expansion and changing priorities
  • Capability to take resolute action with your media investments
  • Assurance in the strategic allocation of media investments for optimal brand value and accountability

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