Competitive Media Reporting

Our Competitive Media Reporting Solution provides accessible, precise global competitive reports, offering insights into competitor media strategies and spend analysis. It allows seamless integration of sales and research data, enabling comprehensive assessments for informed strategic decisions.

Client Challenges

Advertisers face considerable challenges due to the absence of a universally accepted competitive media reporting system. Discrepancies in accuracy, format, and monitored media types vary significantly across markets, hindering standardized data harmonization. The diverse taxonomy and numerous local market brands further complicate "bigger picture" reporting, leading to issues in data cleansing, harmonization, and standardization of brands and categories.

Our Solution

Advise Media Consulting delivers comprehensive local competitive analysis tailored to your business needs. Whether sourced directly from agencies, advertisers or through trusted local partners, we compile monthly reports essential for strategic decision-making. Our dedicated team ensures the accuracy and relevance of this data by cleansing and applying agreed market parameters and hierarchies, refining it to meet specific requirements. Utilizing the Advise Media Suite platform, we seamlessly load this refined data for comprehensive analysis. This platform hosts high-quality, tailored dashboards and reports, empowering both marketing and procurement teams with invaluable insights into local market trends and competitor strategies.

Why Advertisers Choose Our Solution?

  • Precise competitive share-of voice and share-of-advertising analysis
  • Customizable dashboards and reportings
  • Excel pivot tables and exports to other software
  • Actionable insights for strategy
  • Automated alerts for timely responses

Partner with Advise Media Consulting to unlock the power of refined data, enabling your business to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Connect with us!