Independent & technology-based consultancy for a new Media Auditing age

Our active and forward-thinking Media Management approach puts our clients back in the driver’s seat.

Our team brings a fresh perspective and infectious energy to every client relationship.

Our background of many years in media, auditing and software development allows us to provide in-depth and comprehensible advisory services to our clients. Our team has access to an international group of experts, enabling greater flexibility on a range of challenges.

Leadership Team

Marino Vukovic

Marino Vuković

Founder & CEO
Prior to founding Advise Media Consulting, Marino spent more than seven years at Ebiquity, heading the Media Management Practice for the D-A-CH region. He managed numerous national and international client projects and led the development and worldwide implementation of new services and tools. With his hands-on mentality and an interdisciplinary view on media, Marino helps marketing and procurement teams to master the challenges faced today and tomorrow.

Rolf-Dieter Wulf

According to Werben&Verkaufen, Rolf is one of the audit pioneers in Germany. After working for BBDO and ETV, he joined MediaStar/Mediapolis (now Havas) as Managing Director. In 2001 he founded the media auditing company AuditStar, which he left and handed his office over to Ebiquity in 2017 and accompanied the transition until the end of 2019. Many years of experience in the media business and strategic expertise allows for a comprehensive reflection of our clients' integrated communication solutions.

Our consultancy services are focused on providing clear and actionable answers to complex questions in today’s media world.

Pitch Management

Pitch Management

Our end-to-end pitch management process provides a robust decision-making framework and ensures that our clients choose the agencies which will plan and buy media aimed at achieving their long-term business objectives. The Media Suite not only provides transparency but also efficiency through automation and standardization of all commercial exercises.

  • Strategy & transformation
  • Media buying & agency remuneration
  • Organisation models
  • Contract management
Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

We support advertisers in the increasingly complex challenge of creating transparency and control over their media performance and budgets. With our ongoing tracking and monitoring services, we create transparency about the current performance progress, work with agencies on potential for optimization and combine all insights in one dashboard available to our clients – locally or globally.

  • Guarantee tracking
  • Saving verification
  • Digital performance monitoring
Media Consultancy


Our team sees itself as an extension of the marketing and procurement teams. With our consulting services, we support our clients to further optimize the ROI and to strengthen the individual ownership through knowledge transfer. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches and find solutions to client-specific questions for both SMEs and international corporate groups.

  • Strategy- & process management
  • Pre-flight assessment
  • Digital process audit
  • Contract & remuneration models

Advise Media Suite

The new gold standard for pitch & performance tracking projects

Using our platform, we provide a technology with which pitch and tracking projects can be centrally managed, objectively evaluated and optimised. Whether self-service using the in-house model, full-service model or a hybrid – we offer flexible partnership solutions.

% Efficiency gain

% Transparency 

Applicable in markets

Quality Standards 

Transparency & compliance

Standardisation and automation enable an independent and transparent pitch process. Precise and rapid analyses are the basis for reliable decision making and recommendations for action.

Advise Media Suite
Advise Media Suite


Dashboard & interface

A comprehensive visualization library supports the presentation of key performance indicators in executive dashboards. The intuitive interface enables uncomplicated and effective handling – for advertisers and their agencies.


Locally relevant & globally deployable

The reflection of more than 50 market-specific buying models allows for a global deployment. Globally uniform reporting allows cross-border comparability and trends in results.

Advise Media Suite

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