Code of Conduct

The Advise Media Consulting Code of Conduct is based on our many years of consulting experience with national and international advertisers as well as our extensive cooperation with agencies and industry associations. In essence, it is about how we work, how we manage data and on what basis we are remunerated.

We follow the recommendations of industry associations such as OWM, SWA or WFA in all areas that are relevant to our consulting activities.


  • We are not involved in media buying or selling at any time and are therefore not part of the media supply chain.

  • We have no financial relationships with media agencies or publishers.
  • We work exclusively for advertisers and industry associations.

Data handling

  • We do not use price and performance data for benchmarking purposes (no data pooling!).
  • Both data transfer and data storage are subject to the highest standards and are GDPR compliant.
  • If requested, we transfer the client-specific raw data via an interface from our data warehouse to that of our clients’.

Ways of Working

  • A partnership-based collaboration with all market players, in particular media agencies, is of great importance to us, as we are convinced that this is the only way to achieve the best results for advertisers.


  • We do not profit financially from potential or achieved cost savings achieved through our consulting services, e.g. agency reviews.