Post-Campaign Data Management

Gain Comprehensive Insights: Advise Media Consulting's Post-Campaign Data Management Solution - Streamline post-campaign data access for optimal planning, pricing benchmarks, and ROI analysis across all media types, simplifying audits with minimal agency input.

Client Challenges

Advertisers often face significant challenges in maximizing the value of their post-campaign media data. Extracting actionable insights from vast datasets can be daunting, hindered by complexities in data organization, disparate sources, and varying levels of granularity. Ensuring accuracy, completeness, and relevance of the data poses a persistent challenge.

The fragmented nature of international advertising across multiple agencies, countries, and diverse media channels poses significant challenges to comprehensive international media management.

Our Solution

At Advise Media Consulting, we redefine post-campaign data management, offering a seamless solution that empowers advertisers with accurate and timely insights across traditional media and digital platforms. By streamlining the data extraction, processing, and delivery process, we provide a comprehensive and efficient service that minimizes agency input while maximizing actionable insights for marketing and procurement.

Why Advertisers Choose Our Solution?

  • Bespoke digital & non-digital performance trackers: Tailored, comprehensive tool for optimizing campaign performance
  • Single source of truth: Provides robust, actualized media data for accurate evaluation and media benchmarking
  • Comprehensive and efficient: Portability of historic data, granular spot-by-spot insights, and regular updates for both digital and non-digital sources
  • Low-friction solution: Streamlined process with data directly from buying systems, aligned outputs, and rigorous quality control
  • Empowerment through data ownership: Enables efficient market modeling, ROI assessment, and deal performance tracking
Advise Media Suite Data Management

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