Agentur Pitch Beratung

Wir sehen uns als Partner für das Marketing und die Beschaffung. Advise unterstützt dabei, eine langfristige, für beide Seiten gewinnbringende Kunden-Agentur-Beziehung aufzubauen, die das Marken- und das Unternehmenswachstum fördert.

Dear Advertiser,

In today's dynamic landscape, the challenges of evolving media trends, heightened customer demands, and fierce competition impact agency partnerships significantly. With over 12 years of experience in agency selection management, I empathize with the challenges you face. Pitches, while exciting, can interrupt your team's routines and demand significant attention. Therefore, having a partner by your side who minimizes risks and adds value is crucial in managing agency pitch processes.

At Advise, we're not just consultants; we're a team passionate about shaping successful collaborations. My team, with their expertise and dedication, collaborates closely with you to tackle the nuances of agency selection, agency models, agency compensation, agency contracts, and forward-thinking strategies. Utilizing our category-defining Advise Media Suite platform, we'll support you through every stage of this process.

As you can see, websites provide an initial overview, yet they can't encompass every detail. Tailored solutions are essential due to the complexity of each project, and our commitment lies in comprehending your specific challenges. The pivotal details we focus on are crucial for achieving a successful outcome. If this intrigues you, reach out anytime, and let's explore how we can progress through your tasks and challenges together.

Marino Vuković
Co-Founder & CEO

Inspiring The Best Agencies to Compete

Developing a custom project design that inspires top agencies to collaborate with the brand is our foremost priority to ensure the success of our client's media tender. From the outset, we engage agencies' C-level executives to ensure the tender invitation fosters mutual growth for both the advertiser and the agencies. A comprehensive pitch brief not only showcases our dedication to professional pitch management but also sparks competitive drive among agencies.

Through our 4-stage pitch process involving workshops, digital live-tests, strategy cases, talent, and commercial assessments, we create a competitive yet objective environment to identify the right partner measurably. These proven methods have successfully helped brands like Lidl, Nikon, tado°, and others find the best agency partners, resulting in sustained growth from their media investments.

Advertiser's Competitive Edge


To meet today's requirements for structure, collaboration, relevance, and quality in agency selection processes, we have developed the cutting-edge platform Advise Media Suite. Our proprietary platform is the core of all pitch assessments, covering Media Buying Evaluations, Digital Live Tests, Talent & Agency Fee Assessments. The diversity of media channels and country-specific commercial assessments ensures advertisers a robust decision-making foundation and long-term contractual relevance. Particularly for regional or international agency selection projects, this presents crucial added value compared to traditional one-size-fits-all approaches in media auditing. For advertisers with regional or international governance, this represents vital added value compared to traditional one-size-fits-all approaches in media auditing.

Agency Pitch Management Deliverables

We have a broad view of global media, with expertise in each major market. This means we are best-placed to help you develop internal talent and select the right agency partners for your specific needs.

  • The top agencies engaged and competing to collaborate with your brand
  • Confidence in selecting the best agency and securing the right commercial terms
  • Assurance that the entire procedure will proceed seamlessly
  • Your agency is committed to delivering results that align with your business KPIs
  • Effective workflows result in saved time and money