Performance Tracking

Independent media performance tracking

Savings, cost avoidance or productivity gain? In day-to-day business, these key figures are hardly differentiated between, which can lead to clearly wrong decisions on media investments. Together with our clients, we define the right KPIs for their ROI assessment, set up a performance measurement for classic media and digital in our Media Suite and compile results and optimization potentials in a dashboard.

Pitch guarantee tracking & saving verification

By conducting an audit during the year, we ensure transparency on the current performance status and provide a full-year forecast so that necessary adjustments can be made in time.

  • Is the agency meeting its guarantees from a pitch or price book?
  • How is the media performance progressing and where will adjustments be necessary?
  • What influence does Media inflation have on price trends?
  • How do budgets, performance and agency fees move across markets?

Digital performance monitoring

Using our proprietary Media Suite platform, we monitor and evaluate the eCPU (effective cost per unit) of current campaigns and derive actionable recommendations. The database enables a quick overview of the advertisers-specific history and thus transparent and comprehensible reference values. Industry benchmarks on viewability, brand safety or ad fraud can also be included.

Efficiency through automation

Both advertisers and agencies know that performance tracking is an important part of the media management ecosystem, but it usually requires substantial resources from agencies and causes high costs to advertisers. We aim to significantly reduce this effort through smart processes and the use of the Media Suite, without compromising the highest quality standards. In this way, we achieve an appropriate balance between expenditure and income, both for clients and their agencies.

Performance Tracking
  • Performance Tracking