Strategic consultancy & process management

Effective collaboration with agencies is the first step towards optimizing media investments. We help our clients to evaluate their media strategy’s alignment with brand and business objectives. We also identify areas for improvement and provide expert guidance on agency management as well as structures and processes in media purchasing.

Pre-flight assessment

An independent media plan check before the campaign is approved is particularly worthwhile, because parameters such as target group derivation, contact classes, reach and purchasing conditions often remain below their potential. We check whether more media performance and a more target-oriented distribution of activities is achievable with the same budget. If we identify potentials, the agency reworks them, if not, advertisers can be sure that planning and purchasing have been fully optimised.

Digital process audit

Short advertising half-lives, high fluctuation rates of advertising formats or volatile media prices due to auction-based buying models mean that classic benchmarking is no longer appropriate. Moreover, a simple comparison of buying conditions is no longer sustainable. Instead of just quantifying possible loss ex-post, we strongly support independent on-going campaign monitoring and sustainable process management to increase transparency and accountability.

Through a Digital Process Audit, we generate a framework – or enhance the existing – with the objective of maximizing digital’s performance to meet business objectives. This includes not only the analysis of trading strategy and supply chain optimisation, but also the setting of the right KPIs for digital as part of the overall media mix. Another component can be the review of current processes and workflows in terms of integrated planning, briefings, approvals and reporting.

Media management system consultancy

Do you have access to the valuable insights from your media data or the competition data from audits or agency review proposals? Do you have access to information about media investments and performance or agency fees from your markets at any time? Do you have to manually compile different reports with highly critical information in PowerPoint to a management summary? Very few clients have a positive answer to all these questions.

With many years of experience on the auditor and agency side as well as our understanding of smart and technology-driven processes in software development, we support our clients in the most important disciplines of this decade – data ownership, transparency, process optimization and automation.

Agency contract & remuneration

An up-to-date and purposeful contract is the foundation of a successful partnership with agencies. We help our clients with the review of existing contracts or with the preparation of a state-of-the-art agency contract. In particular, we consider areas such as fee models and rates, audit rights, payment terms and data ownership.

For all legal matters, we work with advertising lawyers, who have market-leading expertise in the media sector and ensure first-class legal advice free of conflicts of interest.

Media training & team workshop

From the basic to expert Level, we provide modular workshops and training from the media audit perspective. Our goal is to strengthen the self-confidence of our clients – marketing and procurement – in their daily work with agencies and thus enable them to make even better decisions in the future. 

We are offering free training courses for NGOs, foundations and educational institutions to ensure and promote the transfer of knowledge.